A Surge of Chaos Michael Mannarino


Published: November 25th 2013

Kindle Edition

387 pages


A Surge of Chaos  by  Michael Mannarino

A Surge of Chaos by Michael Mannarino
November 25th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 387 pages | ISBN: | 3.18 Mb

Walking a fine line between order and chaos, The Mages of the West are what stand between the broken worlds redemption and destruction.In the year 2112, a post-apocalyptic West exists as a society of the very rich and very poor. The lines between these social classes are made all too clear by the Western elitists. The rich lord their success over the poor, as they benefit from the sweat off of the peasants brow. This novel explores the disparity between social classes, as they struggle to regain control over a world that had spiraled into nuclear holocaust—the Cataclysm.After an eighty year period of post-Cataclysm political turmoil and land embargoes, the seceded state of Texas and what remained of the United States of America were posturing for total war.

All that was missing was a single spark that would act as a catalyst to ignite a conflict that would threaten to swallow what remained of civilization.With the right political distraction achieved, the overzealous Slynn family—led by the ruthless industrialist Martin Slynn—sought to seize a golden opportunity. In the unclaimed territory known as The West, a city existed on the Southern-most portion of the land, named Twin Peaks for the mountainous region beside which it was built. The city began as a small outpost, until a gigantic gold and precious metal reserve had been discovered within the mountains mines.

The Slynn family acted quickly to gain the rights to that mine, and began excavating. It was not long before that mine was shut down, due to political strife between the acting mayors of East and West Twin Peaks.During the first few months of the mines closure, Martin Slynn grew ill and the familys interests began to dwindle.

This prompted Martins two youngest sons to take matters into their own hands. They both ventured out into the West to seek out the elusive Mages—beings of extraordinary powers often thought to be fictional. Martins youngest son, Elvis, located his Mage first—a rough-neck Bounty Hunter named Surge Alonso (POV).

A man whose reputation landed him the nickname,“Decapitator”. Elvis older brother,Peter, was not far behind him in his hunt to locate another Mage known commonly in the West as Chaos (POV).Chaos and Surge had their history,as their paths crossed frequently.

The two Mages became great rivals, and occasionally enemies.As the Slynns knew, the Mages plight could be used against them, luring them into Twin Peaks to settle the feuding Mayors with the promise that Surge and Chaos would be given the opportunity to fight each other in a final showdown.Upon their arrival, however, they discover that what had been presented to them by the Slynn boys prior to their hiring was a far stretch from the truth, and both Surge and Chaos must utilize all the power and wit they possess to derail a plan decades in the making.

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